Who Was Left Off The MLB ASG Rosters?

Last night the lineups for the 2017 MLB All-Star Game were announced. The game will be played on Tuesday, July 11 in Miami, Florida. The All-Star teams starting lineups were voted for by the fans, and the reserves and pitchers were chosen by MLB officials. Here are some of the players who should have made the roster, but didn’t.

Justin Turner

The 32-year-old third baseman for the Los Angeles Dodgers has had one of the best averages in the MLB this year. He is batting .382 with 7 home runs and 31 RBI’s in 212 at-bats. Yet he was not even selected to the ASG. You can still vote for him in the ASG Final Vote, which ends July 6th.


Anthony Rizzo

He might only be batting .258, but Rizzo has hit 19 home runs and driven in 51 runs for the Chicago Cubs. He deserved to make the roster and he should have at least been on the Final Vote.



Alex Avila

Avila is batting .310 with 11 homers and 29 runs driven in for the Tigers, and yet he is not on the ASG roster. Like Rizzo, Avila should have at least been on the Final Vote.



Ranking The Tigers’ Starters From Worst To Best

The Tigers have a big mix of both young and veteran talent, and today we will be ranking their field players from worst to best.

8. Jacoby Jones

7.  James McCann

6. Nick Castellanos

5. Jose Iglesias

4. Justin Upton

3. J.D Martinez

2. Ian Kinsler

1. Miguel Cabrera

One of the things I noticed was that the top 4 were all over the age of 29, and the top 5 were all over the age of 27. But the Tigers still need to sign a veteran outfielder and utility player. Finally, I did not put Victor Martinez on this list, as he doesn’t play the field, but he would have been 3rd or 4th.

Tigers Week In Review : Season Catch-Up

Welcome to the first edition of Tigers Week In Review, and today we will be doing a season catch-up. I will tell you how the Tigers have been doing so far this season.

Overall Record: 8-5, 1st AL Central

Top Hitter: Miguel Cabrera, .250 AVG, 3 HR, 7 RBI

Top Pitcher: Michael Fulmer, 3.00 ERA, 1 Win, 16 Strikeouts

Cold Player: Ian Kinsler .200 AVG, 2 HR, 5 RBI

Rising Player: Alex Avila has a .538 AVG with 2 homers and 5 RBI’s in just 13 at-bats.

The Tigers are doing well, but they need to win their Central Division games if they want to space themselves from the rest of the Division. Right now they are just 1 game ahead of Chicago.

All stats are from April 19, 2017, at 9:30 PM.


Why the Tigers Should Sign Melvin Upton

The Toronto Blue Jays cut their center fielder Melvin Upton Jr on Sunday. In his career, he has batted .243 with 164 homers, 586 RBI’s, and 300 stolen bases. Al Avila, the Tigers GM, said that Upton could be a fit for the Tigers. Today I will tell you all the reasons why the Tigers should sign him.

1.  Upton would make a great chemistry link with left fielder Justin Upton. When the two of them played together in San Diego and Atlanta, they became the first pair of brothers to both hit 20 home runs and steal 20 bases in a season.

2. The Tigers need a veteran center fielder. The Tigers have 2 center fielders in  JaCoby Jones and Tyler Collins. Yes, they do have a veteran center fielder in Andrew Romine, but he is more of a utility fielder than specifically a center fielder like Upton.

3. The Tigers need someone to start in right field while J.D Martinez is on the DL. J.D Martinez will miss 2 to 3 more weeks with a foot injury, and the Tigers have two young players in Mikie Mahtook and Collins planned to split time while Martinez recovers. But if Upton was on the team, the Tigers could have a solid replacement for Martinez.


Tigers Preview: Outfield

The final Tigers Preview will be their outfield. I will tell you which positions are strong and which need improvement.

The projected lineup is this:

LF: Justin Upton

CF: JaCoby Jones

RF: J.D Martinez

Andrew Romine will also play center field for the Tigers on some days.  I think that the Tigers need to sign a veteran center fielder, not necessarily to start, but to back up JaCoby Jones and to make Jones compete for his job. This could also result in Jones getting good fielding advice from a veteran player. J.D Martinez is their future in the outfield and has already proven he can be a franchise player, so it is important that no matter what trade offers the Tigers get for him, the Tigers keep him.

Tigers Release Mark Lowe

The Detroit Tigers cut veteran Reliever Mark Lowe as one of their many Spring Training cuts. The Tigers now have 5 relief pitchers on their team. The Tigers owe Lowe $5.5 million dollars for the upcoming season. Any team can sign him for any amount, which will usually be minimum salary, and the Tigers will still pay the rest of his $5.5 million dollar salary.

Tigers Preview – Infield

This article is going to preview the Detroit Tigers infield for the 2017 season. I will tell you what I think the Tigers need to improve.

Catcher: James McCann

First Base: Miguel Cabrera

Second Base: Ian Kinsler

Third Base: Nick Castellanos

Shortstop: Jose Iglesias

I believe that the Tigers need to sign a utility infielder to backup players and start when the regular starters are resting. Also, I think they need to sign a backup catcher. McCann needs to prove that he can be an every day starter.

Tigers Preview – Pitching

This article is going to be the first of several articles that will preview the Detroit Tigers this year. This one will look at their pitching for the upcoming season.

Starting Rotation

The predicted starting rotation for the Tigers will be this:

    1. Justin Verlander (16-9, 3.04 ERA)
    2. Jordan Zimmerman (9-7, 4.87 ERA)
    3. Michael Fulmer (11-7, 3.06 ERA)
    4. Daniel Norris (4-2, 3.38 ERA)
    5. Anibal Sanchez (7-13, 5.87 ERA)
    I believe that the Tigers need to sign a starting pitcher to replace Anibal Sanchez because Sanchez is getting old and last year he struggled to win games. The problem is, if they want to get a new pitcher, they will need to give someone up, and if that someone is Sanchez, there will not be a lot of teams interested in making a trade because Sanchez is not going to help. This means they could have to trade a prospect, and that is not what the Tigers want to do.


These are the players that will most likely be in the Tigers bullpen in 2017

1. Shane Greene (Relief)

2. Bruce Rondon (Relief)

3.  Mark Lowe (Relief)

4. Alex Wison (Setup)

5. Justin Wilson (Setup)

6. Francisco Rodriguez (Closer)

The setup and closers spots look good, but I think the Tigers need a better relief pitcher to pitch more than 2 innings.

All the stats were from the 2016 season.

The Best Everything – NHL Franchise

This edition of The Best Everything is NHL Franchises. I will have one honorable mention and then the best franchise.

Honorable Mention

Montreal Canadiens: The Canadiens have won the Stanley Cup more times than any other franchise with 24 championships. They have played 99 seasons and have a playoff record of 420-303. They have an all-time record of 3339-2177.

Best Franchise

Detroit Red Wings: The Red Wings have won 11 Stanley Cups. In their 90 seasons, they have 64 playoff appearances, including an NHL-high 25 straight appearances, and they have won 325 playoff games.