Birthday of the Day : Cameron Maybin

Today’s Birthday of the Day is  Cameron Maybin, who is a center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels. He has played for the Detroit Tigers, Florida Marlins, San Diego Padres and Angels in his career. He has batted .259 with 46 home runs and 252 RBI’s in his career. He has also stolen 131 bases in his career.

Birthday of the Day : Jay Bruce

Jay Bruce is celebrating his 30th birthday today. Bruce is a player for the New York Mets, and he was formerly on the Cincinnati Reds. He is currently in the minor leagues. In his career, he has hit 241 home runs and has 737 RBI. He is batting .248 in his career.

Why the Tigers Should Sign Melvin Upton

The Toronto Blue Jays cut their center fielder Melvin Upton Jr on Sunday. In his career, he has batted .243 with 164 homers, 586 RBI’s, and 300 stolen bases. Al Avila, the Tigers GM, said that Upton could be a fit for the Tigers. Today I will tell you all the reasons why the Tigers should sign him.

1.  Upton would make a great chemistry link with left fielder Justin Upton. When the two of them played together in San Diego and Atlanta, they became the first pair of brothers to both hit 20 home runs and steal 20 bases in a season.

2. The Tigers need a veteran center fielder. The Tigers have 2 center fielders in  JaCoby Jones and Tyler Collins. Yes, they do have a veteran center fielder in Andrew Romine, but he is more of a utility fielder than specifically a center fielder like Upton.

3. The Tigers need someone to start in right field while J.D Martinez is on the DL. J.D Martinez will miss 2 to 3 more weeks with a foot injury, and the Tigers have two young players in Mikie Mahtook and Collins planned to split time while Martinez recovers. But if Upton was on the team, the Tigers could have a solid replacement for Martinez.


Tigers Preview: Outfield

The final Tigers Preview will be their outfield. I will tell you which positions are strong and which need improvement.

The projected lineup is this:

LF: Justin Upton

CF: JaCoby Jones

RF: J.D Martinez

Andrew Romine will also play center field for the Tigers on some days.  I think that the Tigers need to sign a veteran center fielder, not necessarily to start, but to back up JaCoby Jones and to make Jones compete for his job. This could also result in Jones getting good fielding advice from a veteran player. J.D Martinez is their future in the outfield and has already proven he can be a franchise player, so it is important that no matter what trade offers the Tigers get for him, the Tigers keep him.

Tigers Release Mark Lowe

The Detroit Tigers cut veteran Reliever Mark Lowe as one of their many Spring Training cuts. The Tigers now have 5 relief pitchers on their team. The Tigers owe Lowe $5.5 million dollars for the upcoming season. Any team can sign him for any amount, which will usually be minimum salary, and the Tigers will still pay the rest of his $5.5 million dollar salary.

Tigers Preview – Infield

This article is going to preview the Detroit Tigers infield for the 2017 season. I will tell you what I think the Tigers need to improve.

Catcher: James McCann

First Base: Miguel Cabrera

Second Base: Ian Kinsler

Third Base: Nick Castellanos

Shortstop: Jose Iglesias

I believe that the Tigers need to sign a utility infielder to backup players and start when the regular starters are resting. Also, I think they need to sign a backup catcher. McCann needs to prove that he can be an every day starter.

Tigers Preview – Pitching

This article is going to be the first of several articles that will preview the Detroit Tigers this year. This one will look at their pitching for the upcoming season.

Starting Rotation

The predicted starting rotation for the Tigers will be this:

    1. Justin Verlander (16-9, 3.04 ERA)
    2. Jordan Zimmerman (9-7, 4.87 ERA)
    3. Michael Fulmer (11-7, 3.06 ERA)
    4. Daniel Norris (4-2, 3.38 ERA)
    5. Anibal Sanchez (7-13, 5.87 ERA)
    I believe that the Tigers need to sign a starting pitcher to replace Anibal Sanchez because Sanchez is getting old and last year he struggled to win games. The problem is, if they want to get a new pitcher, they will need to give someone up, and if that someone is Sanchez, there will not be a lot of teams interested in making a trade because Sanchez is not going to help. This means they could have to trade a prospect, and that is not what the Tigers want to do.


These are the players that will most likely be in the Tigers bullpen in 2017

1. Shane Greene (Relief)

2. Bruce Rondon (Relief)

3.  Mark Lowe (Relief)

4. Alex Wison (Setup)

5. Justin Wilson (Setup)

6. Francisco Rodriguez (Closer)

The setup and closers spots look good, but I think the Tigers need a better relief pitcher to pitch more than 2 innings.

All the stats were from the 2016 season.

Stadium Central – Rogers Centre

This edition of Stadium Central is Rogers Centre in Toronto. I have been to the Rogers Centre and it is one of the best stadiums in the MLB. In this post, I will tell you some cool things about this stadium.

Seating and History

The seating of this stadium is 49,282 for baseball games and 47,107 for football games. Roger Centre was formerly known as the SkyDome and has been open since 1989.

Fun Facts

The entire development is 12.7 acres. There are 5 levels in the Rogers Centre. A 31 story office building can fit inside the Rogers Centre. And finally, the main video board is 110 feet by 33 feet!

The Rogers Centre is a great place to watch a game and one of the unique stadiums in the country.

Stat of the Week – WAR

This week’s Stat of the Week is WAR in baseball. WAR stands for “Wins Above Replacement” In this article, I will tell you about how WAR is effective in figuring out the value and performance of a player.


The purpose of WAR is best explained by the website FanGraphs:

WAR is trying to answer the time-honored question: How valuable is each player to his team? Baseball is the sum of many different parts and players can help their teams win through hitting, base running, defensive play, or pitching. Comparing two players offensively is useful, but it discounts the potential contribution a player can make by saving runs on defense. WAR is a simple attempt to combine a player’s total contribution into a single value.

In other words, WAR is the number of wins you would lose if a specific player is replaced by a bench player.


WAR is different for position players and pitchers. For position players, WAR is calculated as follows:

To calculate WAR for position players you want to take their Batting Runs, Base Running Runs, and Fielding Runs above average and then add in a positional adjustment, a small adjustment for their league, and then add in replacement runs so that we are comparing their performance to replacement level rather than the average player. After that, you simply take that sum and divide it by the runs per win value of that season to find WAR.

For pitchers, the equation is much more complicated. It takes into account how the pitcher would perform independently of bad fielding.

Players With Best WARs in the 2016 Season

The following position players had the best WAR:

  1. Mike Trout, LAA, 10.6
  2. Mookie Betts, BOS, 9.6
  3. (tie) Kris Bryant, CHC, 7.7; Jose Altuve, HOU, 7.7

The following pitchers had the best WAR:

  1. Justin Verlander, DET, 6.6
  2. Corey Kluber, CLE, 6.5
  3. Max Scherzer, WSH, 6.2

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