MLB The Show 18 Career Arcs: Billy Williams

Welcome to a new series where we are going to be going over some of the missions that you will want to complete if you want to get some of the best cards in MLB The Show 18 Diamond Dynasty.

Today we will start to go over one of the Career Arcs, which are important missions because you need to complete these to unlock the Immortals, which are some of the best cards in the game. There are 11 Career Arcs in MLB The Show 18, and I will have a separate post on how to get each of them. To stay updated on future posts, follow my Twitter here and like my Facebook page here. All of my MLB The Show posts will be found here. To purchase MLB The Show 18, please click below:

MLB The Show: Billy Williams

The Billy Williams Career Arc card will go into the Babe Ruth Immortals card. Here is how you can complete the program.

1. Left Fielder Missions

You will have to complete the Seth Smith, Ryan Raburn, and Chris Heisey. I couldn’t find the missions you need to do to complete those programs, but you can find them in the game by scrolling down to left fielders. These 3 programs will give you a total of 15 percent completion of the mission. Running percent: 15

2. 76 Impact Veteran Billy Williams

Next, once you do those minor programs, you will need to acquire 76 overall Impact Veteran Billy Williams, which you can get from the program once you get 15 percent. You will need to complete the mission with that card, which will be a certain stat line. You will not know what stats you need to achieve until you acquire the 76 overall card, so make sure you get that card right away. Completing the stats will get you another 10 percent of the mission complete. Running Percent: 25

3. Trade in Left Fielders

Next, you need to trade in 35k value of left fielders. Make sure you don’t get rid of any really good cards, like gold or diamonds, because you are pretty much trading them away for points. Getting the 35k exchange value will give you another 5 percent in the program. Running Percent: 30

4. Legend Left Fielders

After that, you will need to get 10 home runs with Legend left fielders in any Diamond Dynasty mode except casual, play with friends, and extra innings. This is a big part of the mission because it gives you 25 percent. I would suggest going into a ranked seasons game and using 3 left fielders in the outfield because your home runs will count with every one of these players. Running Percent: 55

5. 82 Hardware Billy Williams

Now that you have 50 percent or higher in the program, you can acquire the 82 Billy Williams card. There will be a certain stat line you have to achieve with this card. Once again, until you get this card, you don’t know what stats you need with it. So get this card quickly. This will give you 25 percent more in the program. Running Percent: 80

6. Exchange Jerseys

Like the left fielder exchange, you will need to get a lot of jerseys to trade in that you will not get back. You need 4k jersey value, but you can only get Cubs and Athletics jerseys since those are the teams for which Williams played. So you will have to buy some of the jerseys more than once. This will give you another 5 percent in the program. Running Percent: 85

7. Exchange Hats

Much like the last step, you will need to get hats from the Cubs and Athletics, and this time you only need 1k value of these hats. This will give you another 5 percent. Running Percent: 90

8. 90 All-Star Billy Williams

Now you have the 90 Billy Williams, but there is still one more step. You need to do the statline that shows up once you acquire the 90 overall card, and then you will complete the entire program. Now you can put the Bily Williams program souvenir into the Babe Ruth Immortals program. Running Percent: 100


I hope this guide for getting the Billy Williams program done in MLB The Show helped you. If you have any suggestions for me making these guides easier, feel free to comment below.


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