Detroit Pistons Review: Second Half Starting

Welcome to the first post of the weekly Detroit Pistons Review this year. Sorry, this post came out late, but remember that this series will be posted every Saturday. Also, the History of the Tigers series will be starting back up this Friday. To stay updated on future posts, please follow my Twitter here and like my Facebook page here.

Embarrassing Performances

Since the All-star break ended, the Pistons are 1-6. This should not be how a team with two star players and a balanced lineup at the rest of the positions should be playing. Even without Reggie Jackson, the Pistons should not be losing so many games. Also, they do not seem to compete at all anymore. They lost to the Cavs by 22, Raptors by 29, Hornets by 16, and Celtics by 12. The Pistons are now 5 games out of the playoffs when they should be moving closer to getting in them. I think that the players are getting tired so I have a few ideas to make them a healthier team.

Ways to Get Better

I am still going to say what I said in my Pistons Mid-Season review where I said that they should sign a center to back up Drummond. But I also think that the Pistons should move Reggie Bullock over to small forward, and move James Ennis to the bench, and find a new shooting guard instead of Langston Galloway. Galloway only averages 6 points a game, and the Pistons need a good player to model Luke Kennard. I don’t think that Galloway is that guy.

Unfortunately, if the Pistons do want to get rid of Galloway they can’t cut him. He has a contract of $6 million, and they would have to pay him that money if they cut him. Instead, they can try and trade him next year when the season starts and see if they can get a better shooting guard. This isn’t an immediate plan, but it is something that I think will help the Pistons a lot.

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