NFC Championship Preview

Earlier this week I posted an article about the AFC Championship, previewing the matchup and making a prediction as to who I think will win. You can read that post here. Today we will be doing the same thing, just for the NFC Championship game. Make sure you like my facebook page here and follow my Twitter here.

Minnesota Vikings vs, Philadelphia Eagles

I predicted earlier this year that the Eagles were going to make it to the Super Bowl, but things have changed now that Carson Wentz is out for the season with an ACL Tear. But before we predict the game, let’s preview the teams. The Vikings are lead by former backup QB Case Keenum, and they throw for about 234 yards a game. On the running side, they would have started Dalvin Cook if he hadn’t torn his ACL. So they instead start Latavious Murray, and all the Vikings combine for 122 yards rushing per game. Their defense gives up 192 yards passing and 83 yards rushing per game, both great numbers.

The Eagles would have Carson Wentz, but because of his injury in Week 14, they will instead start Nick Foles. They pass for 233 yards per game. Their rushing game, led by LeGarrette Blunt, runs for 132 yards a game. Look for the Eagles to run more because it is an outside game and they might not want to take risks with Foles having started just 4 games so far this year. The Eagles defense gives up 227 yards passing and just 79 yards rushing per game.


I think that the Eagles are going to win because of home field. The playoffs often are decided based on who is the home team because of how loud the fans are when the other team has the ball, and the home team feels more confident when they have the crowd backing them. The 2 teams in this game are very evenly matched on both offense and defense, so I think the deciding factor will be home field.

I will be doing another post like this to preview the Super Bowl matchup once it is decided, so make sure you read that when it comes out.

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