NFL Midseason Predictions

With Week 8 of the NFL Season over, we are just less than halfway through the 2017-18 Season and less than 3 months from Super Bowl LI, I am going to be predicting who I think will be in the Super Bowl and some awards Make sure to like my facebook page here, and follow my Twitter here. Thank you.

NFC Championship Game

The NFC has been close this season with the exception of the Eagles. Philly is 8-1, and their only loss was to the 6-3 Chiefs. Carson Wentz is performing like he did in college at North Dakota State, where he won 5 straight FCS titles. Wentz will be more prepared than other young players when the playoffs come because of his experience in big games. The Eagles should be a lock to make it at least as far as the NFC Championship.

The other team I think will make the NFC Championship is the Dallas Cowboys because they don’t have a very difficult second half. They should go at least 5-3 with their losses being 2 to Philly and 1 to Atlanta, but I could see them beating the Falcons. Dak Prescott is experienced in the NFL now, as is Ezekiel Elliot. The player the Cowboys should be worried about is Dez Bryant. He sprained his ankle and has only 38 catches this year. When he is at his best, Bryant can get over 90 catches a year, so either he isn’t being targeted enough or he is not catching as many of the ball thrown to him as usual. The Cowboys are still a good team and the only team that I feel will threaten them in the playoffs is Green Bay IF they have Aaron Rogers.

AFC Championship

The AFC has not had a great team this year, with none of the teams having a record close to the Eagles. But with the veteran teams in the AFC, they could compete with the Eagles in the Super Bowl. The first team that I believe will make the AFC Championship is the New England Patriots because they have an easy second half. They could go 7-1, and the only game that could challenge them is when they are in Pittsburgh. The Patriots have a good offense, but their defense has to step up, as they are giving up almost 300 passing yards per game and 121 rushing yards per game. Home field advantage would be key for the Patriots, so they need to take every game seriously in the second half.

The other team that will make it to the AFC Championship is the Pittsburgh Steelers, who are currently tied with the Patriots in the conference standings. They also have an easy second half, playing just 3 teams .500 or above, and they could be playing the Packers without Aaron Rodgers. The AFC will be a 2 team race in the second 1/2, and the team that gets home field could have the best chance of making the Super Bowl

Super Bowl

I think that the Patriots and the Eagles will make it to Super Bowl 52. I think the Eagles will have an easy road to Minnesota in the playoffs, and the Patriots will clinch the AFC because they will get home-field advantage. The Patriots will beat the Eagles in the title game because of experience. Despite Carson Wentz having experience in big games, the rest of the Eagles team has not been to the Super Bowl since 2004, and their predicted opponents have won the Super Bowl 4 times since then. Tom Brady can win games with any receivers, and this year he has Brandin Cooks, Gronk, and Chris Hogan.


I think that Carson Wentz will win the MVP because he will continue to put up great numbers even if his team loses. If the Eagles do lose the Super Bowl, it will not be his fault, He already has 23 touchdown passes this year, and he could easily get 40. His completion percentage is almost the same as last year, and he is getting over a yard more per completion, showing that he is taking more chances and still completing them. Wentz could be a superstar if he continues to play like he is throughout the rest of his career.


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