How Ronaldo’s Five Game Suspension May Benefit Real Madrid

Yesterday in the Spanish Supercopa, a game between La Liga winner Real Madrid and Spanish Cup winner Barcelona, Cristiano Ronaldo received a second yellow card to get sent off in the 82nd minute after diving in the box. He got suspended for pushing the ref after getting mad for being sent off

If you dive like you got hit in soccer when you really didn’t, the opponent receives a free kick, and the player who flops may receive a yellow card. Ronaldo had already received his first card after he took his jersey off celebrating a goal, which is automatically a card.

But Ronaldo getting sent off could teach Real Madrid a lesson.

Since Ronaldo joined Real Madrid in 2009, he has scored 285 goals for Real Madrid in 265 La Liga appearances. Real Madrid has played 304 games in La Liga in that time. That means Ronaldo has only missed 39 games with Real Madrid, just over a full season of La Liga. This 5 game suspension will teach Real Madrid how to play without Ronaldo.

Real Madrid still has great players like Bale, Benzema, Isco, Modric, Kroos, and Asensio. But sometimes they are overshadowed by Ronaldo’s talents. Last season, Real Madrid scored 106 goals in La Liga. Ronaldo scored 25 of those. The next best scorer was Alvaro Morata, who is not on the team anymore. He scored 15 goals in La Liga. So Real Madrid needs to learn that Ronaldo cannot do everything for them, and this suspension may allow Real Madrid to learn how to perform without Ronaldo.

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