Why the Pistons Will Get a High Seed In the Playoffs Next Year

The Pistons had a very disappointing season last year. They were supposed to get a high seed in the playoffs, and they missed the playoffs, getting 10th in the Eastern Conference. Lots of teams have upgraded this offseason, but this is why the Pistons will still get a high seed in the playoffs in 2018.

They Made Smart Upgrades

The Pistons have gotten a lot of new players this offseason, but they are all because of smart signings or trades. They acquired Avery Bradley from the Celtics for Marcus Morris, and they got a second round draft pick for 2019. They also signed Langston Galloway and Anthony Tolliver. These are smart signings that are good because they didn’t give up anyone big.

Stan Van Gundy is a Good Coach

Stan Van Gundy has a .587 win percentage in the NBA, and he has made the NBA Finals. This is good experience for a coach. He is also in his 4th season as the Pistons coach, and he is getting used to coaching for this organization. They should do better under the experienced coach this season.

The Pistons will probably get the 4th or 5th seed in the Eastern Conference this year, and they will win a series in the playoffs. The better they do, the more interest people will have in playing for them next year.

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